The Best Gunsmithing Lathe for the Money

I wanted to write about this 36 inch Gunsmithing Lathe because I was able to work on one during my last few days at sea.

While studying marine engineering, we learned how to use a lathe on some pretty old pieces of equipment. This is pretty normal as most schools are donated a lot of these larger pieces of equipment.

However, on one of my sea terms (sailing on large cargo vessels) I was on a new ship which had the lathe I’m reviewing here, and I must say it’s like night and day working on a brand new piece of equipment. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of older models work great, and many people swear by them, but this unit was pure luxury for me personally.

I’m not entirely sure why the ship had this particular lathe, as there are not gunsmiths on board, however there are times when certain pieces of materials can be lathed out of convenience, so it definitely worked out for this particular ship.

I’d have to say after doing a lot of research into the various models, it’s definitely one of the better units for the money. It’s not a $10,000 lathe, however for the money many consumers have been happy with it.

Enter The Shop Fox M1112 Gunsmithing Lathe

shop fox m1112 gunsmithing lathe

Here are some of the specs:


¬†Once the unit is set up, I think you’ll be quite happy with the performance.

However getting it into your shop could pose a challenge, as this is a large piece of equipment.

Apart from some of the expected inconveniences of setting it up, most consumer reviews have been positive. Because it’s important to read all the specifications and features on this lathe, I would recommend you visit the website that the manufacturer has it on sale with, and find all the specific specs there.

Click here for a full product description and customer review report.

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