Dap Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch for Repairing Cracks and Breaks

If you need to repair cracks and breaks around your property, I highly recommend the pre-mixed concrete patch from Dap.

If you have any broken pieces of concrete, or you need to repair some major mortar joints, this is the stuff you need. And you don’t need to mix this with water. It comes pre-mixed. Keep that in mind as other repair compounds may require that you actually still mix them with water.

The only time I wouldn’t recommend this, is if you need to use it where you might be driving your vehicle. It’s not recommend for that. Small cracks in your driveway yes, but for major driveway repairs, you’ll need something else.

Which Product is Recommended?

pre mixed concrete patchThe particle mix I recommend is the Dap 32611 Phenopatch Pre-Mixed Patch.

This particular compound is very high strength and used primarily on cracks or breaks in your concrete.

You can purchase it in several different packs, however each jug carries 1 qt of compound.

The convenience is great.

Instead of having to mix your own cement with a mixer, these pre-mixed products are super convenient.

They should not completely replace the need for standard concrete, however for patching and small repairs, they’re definitely helpful.

Results after 4 Weeks

After using this mix for several weeks, the overall results are extremely positive.

People have used it to patch up holes, fix concrete stairs, and repair driveway cracks before they got really bad.

The color will not always match perfectly with your current concrete color, however for repairing most cracks this won’t matter too much.

Always remember to give it enough time to dry. 24 hours is usually enough, and within a few days it should be completely bonded.

For those looking for an easy way to apply concrete to patch up areas around their property, the Dap 32611 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch will be extremely useful.

If you don’t need this today, buying it online will save you quite a bit. Check the links above to find the best price on this particular mix.

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