Dap Quick Plug Hydraulic Cement Review for Repairing Leaks Fast

If you need to repair cracks in your concrete which may be prone to leaks, then you’ll want to consider getting some hydraulic cement.

The main difference between this particular compound and standard pre-mixed concrete patch is that this is more waterproof. Keep in mind you have to mix this with water. A pre-mixed compound does not need water, this hydraulic cement does.

This can be used to repair holes and cracks which may have water passing through them. So if you have some repairs that may be susceptible to flowing water, consider this option instead of the basic concrete patch mix.

Which Specific Product is Recommended?

quick plug hydraulic cementThere are a few different brands available, however I would recommend you consider the Quick Plug Hydraulic Cement from Dap.

It is one of the more popular compounds, and most people are very satisfied with its performance.

  • High quality compound
  • Best for patching holes
  • Ideal for leaks
  • Use inside or outside

It was designed to be used to patch up holes which may be exposed to water, however it can work as a normal patching agent as well.

It can also be painted on, if it’s cleaned and primed. Give it 24 hours to dry, and perhaps a few extra days to completely bond. I find that some of these compounds are marketed to completely dry in 24 hours, however I always let them bond for a few extra days.

As long as you get your crack or leak repaired, touching it up and making it look nice can wait a few days in my opinion. Plus it’s safer this way.

Typical Consumer Results

This stuff works quickly, meaning that when you mix it with water, you really only have a few minutes (3 – 5) until it starts to bond.

So the best advice from those who have had success with it is to not over mix it, as it will get wasted, and clean and prep your area really well before starting.

Many professional plumbers have used this particular compound and they’ve never had problems.

If you use it for patching and repairs, then it will work well. Don’t expect this to replace standard concrete if you need to use a large amount. It’s designed for cracks and repairs.

I recommend you purchase this online because you’ll end up saving quite a bit.  The hydraulic cement product I recommend is Quick Plug Cement from Dap. You can find a sales price here.

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