Best Concrete Vibrators for Smooth Finishes

Concrete vibrator

When you’re looking for the best concrete vibrator, job size is always the first thing to consider.

For large industrial jobs, you will want something which generators 2 HP from an electrically drive motor. For smaller jobs you might want to consider the convenience of a cordless unit.

Either way, most of the recommended models here are extremely durable and should last you well over 5 years. When you buy from the right manufactures, you are really getting your money’s worth.

For consistent concrete pours and smooth finishes every time, consider some of the top selling vibrators.

Dewalt concrete vibrator
This is a great choice for industrial contractors as well as residential ones.

It has a one and one eighth inch diameter long vibrator whose power is able to maintain a whopping 14 thousand vibrations per 60 seconds while loaded in order to provide great consolidation efficiency and quality.

It is convenient for any use because it has a flexible four footed shaft. In addition, the mobility of the battery power makes this a great choice for smaller jobs such as the ones dealing with repairing streets to street light footers to filling forms ready to be filled with concrete. It is very portable and easy to move around the place for an easy load in and load out.

Its motor and drive shaft is isolated and insulated, thus, making the tool invulnerable to external factors such as weather and giving the tool great durability and quick maintenance.

Below are presented the key features of the DEWALT model.

· The item weighs 8 pounds.

· The product dimensions measure 8 inch length, 46 and a half inch wide, and 3.8 inches tall.

· It is produced in Mexico.

· It is powered by batteries.

· It is sold as a tool only. The batteries must be bought separately. The batteries required for this tool are nonstandard batteries.

· The vibrators voltage is 18 volt.

· It features one handle.

· Because it is powered by batteries, cords are not necessary for this tool, thus removing the issue that long cords create in job sites.

· It offers 90 day money back guarantee, more than enough for you to decide whether this tool is useful for you.

· It comes with one year service contract and three years of warranty from damages or malfunctioning parts.

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Makita XRV02 18-volt LXT
Makita concrete vibrator

The 18 volt LXT Lithium Ion Cordless 8 foot unit delivers a greater run time with max number of vibrations per minute a.k.a. VMP in order to strengthen concrete efficiently.

This feature is particularly useful when using a corded tool is not an option. Many environments where job sites are placed are either harsh or the climate is harsh and provides a risk to corded tools.

The corded tools will cause issues and require extra effort in order to function properly in these areas whereas the Makita XRV02 is invulnerable to this problem because it is cordless, powered by batteries.

Below are presented the key features of Makita:

· The whole piece of equipment weights only slightly below 12 pounds featuring high powered vibrations.

· The light weight will reduce the fatigue of the person who is operating the product. It is also ergonomic and provides peak performances.

· The built in motor vibrates the tool at a speed of 12,500 vibrations per minute that strengthens the concrete.

· It is sold with a dual direction switch, thus the tool can be held in either horizontal or vertical position and still do the job properly and efficiently without any side effects.

· It is able to maintain the maximum speed under load for up to 25 minutes.

· It is only 105 and one half inches long (approximately eight feet). In addition, a protective cover is embedded in the tool to prevent the battery from being contaminated from any damaging material that job site or weather will offer.

· It features an eight feet long shaft with one inch long vibrator.

· The battery charge time is roughly 30 minutes, which is long compared to other models, so the tool spends most of its time working and less of its time charging.

· Additional features include a built in fan that will cool the battery for a quick and effective charging.

· It does not include battery nor the charger; they must be bought separately.

· A three year warranty is included with the product for any damages or malfunctions that might occur with this product.

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How to Choose the Right Model

The main difference with these models is usually hose length, and motor power. You can opt in for a 4 foot hose or up to an 8 foot hose. So if you’re laying large amounts of concrete, you may want to opt in for the bigger hose.

Also again depending on the size of your projects, you may want to upgrade or downgrade the power of the motor. Some particular units will come with a cordless feature as well. So running off battery power can be much more convenient especially if you’re laying cement in harder to access areas rather than just a basic pad in someone’s backyard.

In terms of brand names, many of the top power tool companies will have very similar specs and build quality. Often times it’s recommended to review some customer reviews in regards to particular brands to help you pick one over the other. Here at we’ve done a lot of that research for you so you don’t need to spend hours scanning customer reviews. What we’ve discovered is that both Dewalt and Makita both produce very high quality machines and picking one will most likely come down to choosing between various product specs.

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