Best Concrete Power Cutters and Masonry Saws

Like with many of our power tool reviews here at, choosing the right concrete saws comes down to evaluating your needs.

What type of construction work will you need this type of equipment for?

There are handheld masonry type concrete saws and power cutters, as well as walk behind concrete saws for much bigger projects.

Here we’ll outline the differences between these products so you can choose the big one to fit your specific needs.

Power Cutters

Power cutters

These are probably the most popular type of saw or cutting tool for using on concrete. They are very versatile and come with quite a few options.

You can get the electrically driven models which are good for backyard type jobs where you always have access to electrical power, however these do come fuel driven as well which is more appropriate for industrial type work.

I recommend the Makita EK 7301X1 Power Cutter with Diamond Blade.


Concrete saw

If you need a bit more customized type of cutting tool, then consider a concrete chainsaw.

These are appropriate for all types of jobs, however they work best for those projects where a basic power cutter just won’t do.

Many times if you need to stand or need to cut something which may be slightly out of reach when using other tools, these models come in handy.

I would go with the ICS 545099 Gas Saw Package.

Walk Behind Saws

Walk behind saw

For large projects, you may find a walk behind unit is the way to go. These are more limited with the specific task they can do, however if you need to cut long straight lines they are an absolute must.

If you install sidewalks or driveways for example then making clean straight cuts can be impossible without one of these units.

Consider the MK Diamond 159346 CX-3-Percent model.

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