Best Cement Mixers on the Market

electric concrete mixer

When it comes to choosing the best concrete mixer for your specific needs, size and features is really what it all comes down to.

These products vary in size from 2 cubic feet up to around 5 cubic feet, and they’re either electrical or gas driven. There are some mixers that can hold up to 12 cubic feet as well.

Portability is another thing you need to consider as there are some big models which are chain driven off a tractor. The most popular models for most construction jobs is a 2 to 5 cubic foot electric concrete mixer or gasoline operated if you need it very portable.

If you need something for more of an industrial type of job, then consider upgrading to a larger model.

Top 2 Recommendations

5 Cubic Feet Wheel Barrow Mixer
cement mixer

The wheel barrow mixer is a perfect choice for mixing cement or concrete while being portable for transportation as well. It can be used for construction purposes as well as home and farm uses.

Below I will provide you with some of the key features that this mixer has:

The max capacity for the steel drum to mix the cement is 275 pounds that will be mixed at the maximum speed regardless of the amount of weight that is poured into the drum.

The measurements are as following: 42 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 31 inches tall.

The volume of the drum is five cubic feet.

It can mix mortar, stucco, concrete, and all kinds of materials that are mixed for construction.

This is powered by a powerful one half horsepower motor engine that is able to power up to 1700 rotations per minute, 2.3 AMP.

The gear transmission can rotate the drum that is 25 by 21 inches wide at a speed of 26 rotations per minute.

The opening of the drum is 14 and a half inches wide for an easy load-in and load-out of the materials.

The transmission rotates the frame at 360 degrees for a better mixing of the cement.

Made of rugged steal able to be used with job sites and farms.

The specially designed portable wheelbarrow makes the transportation of the materials to the job site much easier compared to other common products. It can be dissembled in less than a minute for fast and easy transportation.

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Pro-Series CME35
electric cement mixer

This is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to mix concrete for small to medium-sized projects. It is an ideal choice for making and building a yard barbecue pit, pour concrete slab, repair in ground pools, and even create fences around the house.

In addition, it is compatible with drywall mud, plasters, stucco, mortar, and other materials that are usually used with this type of equipment. Armed with a whopping 180 pound (80 kilos) dry cement maximum capacity, it can even be used in farms to mix cattle food or mix seeds before planting them in the ground.

The Pro-Series mixer features a 15 inch drum opening diameter, which is more than enough to make adding and mixing of the cement and concrete easier without spoiling it to the ground. The drum head rotates full 360 degrees within a height that will allow the mix to be dumped into a wheelbarrow easy.

Furthermore, the double-layered insulating drum and frame are usable for both building construction and farming uses.

Below I present some of the features that this model has:

Easily and quickly mixes small amounts of drywall mud, cement, mortar, and stucco.

It is excellent and efficient when used to mix cattle food and treat seeds.

It has a volume of three and a half cubic feet.

It has a maximum dry mix cement capacity of 180 pounds (80 kilos).

The mixer itself weighs 96 pounds.

Compatible with 110 volt outlets.

The engine power is equivalent to five horsepower.

Drum rotates in a complete circle circumference.

The opening for loading is 15 inches wide in diameter.

Features wheels with 8 inches diameter that are double-layered insulated for heavy uses.

The product is sold with a 90 day warranty, more than enough for you to decide whether this product is useful for your purposes or not.

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Which Model Do You Need

These models generally all work the same, the main differences are related to power and storage. How much cement do you need to mix is usually the main question you need to answer before buying a particular model. For smaller jobs you can go with a portable model, while bigger industrial jobs may require something with more much storage capacity.

Also, consider a well known brand when choosing these products. Look for other people in your same situation who have had success with particular units. Diving in a spending some time reading reviews can help you avoid buying something which is not a great fit for you right now.

Based on my research, one of the models above is highly recommended.

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