Concrete Curing Blankets and Ground Thawing Blankets for Quick Results

If you need to cure your concrete, or thaw the ground quickly, we have a blanket for that.

Powerblanket designs insulated concrete curing blankets as well as ground thawing blankets. Not only are these used by contractors working with cement, but they’re also used by people who need to thaw some ground area for various reasons.

Many people with frozen pipes have found these blankets to be extremely helpful.

Which Manufacturer is Best?

concrete curing blanketThere aren’t many options to choose, but that’s really not a bad thing.

From my experience, the products from Powerblanket are very good quality. Whichever model you choose will be based on the size you want.

For those looking for a larger sized blanket, such as 4 feet by 5 feet, consider the PowerBlanket MD0304.

For those who don’t need one this size, consider the PowerBlanket EH0202, which is 2 feet by 2 feet. This manufacturer actually offers sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

If you need a 3 foot by 20 foot blanket, they have one.

These are some of the major specs on these particular products:

  • Very easy to use
  • Removes frost from frozen ground quickly
  • Cures concrete faster than other methods
  • Heats to a preset amount
  • Used to melt snow and ice from all areas

My Personal Results after a Few Days

I’ve used these types of blankets in the past with success.

We had an area on our roof which gathered a lot of snow one winter. As the temperature dropped, the snow turned into ice and posed a real problem.

We needed to remove it before the situation got worse and it continued to expand. Rather than chipping away, we simply got a heated blanket and attached it to the specific area. We ran an extension cord and after a few days, most of the ice had melted of this area of the roof. I know we avoided a lot of damage in this particular case.

Many other people have used these products for similar reasons. I’ve read about quite a few who have experienced frozen pipes and these blankets came in handy.

There’s also a long list of contractors who use these everyday while working with cement and concrete. So not only can contractors save money and time, but homeowners can also save money by avoiding damage from low temperatures.

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